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About Us

Interested in becoming an Integrative Sleep Coach?

Then welcome, you are in the right place!

Integrative sleep coaching offers you an incredible career that is flexible around family life, gives you financial independence, and is incredibly fulfilling.

I trained to be a sleep coach after struggling with my own bout of insomnia. I know first hand how challenging sleep issues can be and I became passionate about helping others. 


At that point, I realized how much positive impact one person could have on an entire family and that was really inspiring for me.

And in 2020, when after losing my second job, it was time to turn my sleep coaching passion into a full time career.

Tying in my background in psychobiology from UCLA, I was fortunate to pioneer the world of sleep coaching, bringing in advanced training in hypnosis, functional medicine, holistic breathing combined with a business and marketing model that makes connecting and closing clients a pleasure.

I realized I was having a real impact on the lives of hundreds of people around the world, and my career was booming. 

I knew I had to grow. And so the Sleep Coach Academy was born.

I created a cutting edge training program to take motivated individuals like yourself and within the matter of a few months, cultivating them in leading sleep experts, ready to go out to the field and make a difference.


The amazing thing about becoming an integrative sleep coach is it can give you a sustainable income and financial independence, whilst remaining connected with your family. It can be used as a lucrative supplement to your family’s income, or if you want to turn it into a strong six-figure business, that’s achievable too. And it all starts with getting your accreditation here.

I'd love to share with you exactly how this all works. 

Check out that little orange button below and I'll explain everything in the video.

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Doron Lazarus

Founder of the Sleep Coach Academy

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Get instant access to Sleep Coach Academy program guide 

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