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Stop Struggling With

Insomnia, Exhaustion, Snoring and Apnea
Transform Your Sleep and Your Life With Powerful, Proven Sleep Solutions


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Let's start. What brings you here today?


I've never been a good sleeper, this even runs in my family.


Help, all of a sudden I can't fall asleep, I'm so anxious about what will happen tonight.


No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to get myself to bed at a normal hour.


I wake up feeling exhausted, no matter how much sleep I seem to get. 


My husband snores so loudly we haven't slept in the same bedroom for years.


I fall asleep perfectly, but after two hours, I'm up and tossing and turning for the rest of the night.


Does this describe you?


But the harder you try, the further a good night's sleep seems to be?


You are bright and driven.

You are health conscious.

You've been to all the specialists.

You are constantly exhausted and frustrated, wondering when is this going to be over?

You are ready to stop struggling with sleep and eager to make your transformation, starting tonight.

You need a sleep expert who understands you and can deliver real results.


Breath easy; you found him.


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Meet the Sleep Coach


I'm Doron Lazarus, BSc in Psychobiology (UCLA), Certified Sleep Science Coach, Hypno-Therapist and founder of Executive Sleep Consulting. 


I am passionate about helping people transform their sleep, even after years of struggling.


I want to learn more about your unique sleep situation and explain how our in depth and customized, approach can help. Let's book a free consultation and dive right in!

"If I missed my sleeping pills, I would be up all night, the doctor wanted to put me on stronger meds, but I refused, I reached out to Doron, starting his program, literally overnight, I was off the pills and haven’t needed them since.”

 - Brian Brager , Finance CEO

"I was a terrible snorer, you can ask my wife! I had surgeries, sleep studies, nothing helped. I started working with Executive Sleep Consulting, within a week my snoring went way down!”

 - Mitch Beinhaker , Lawyer / Podcast host

“I was suffering for insomnia for years, no medication was working… then I met Doron, he has been a lifesaver, literally a MIRACLE WORKER, I’m no longer an insomniac, I can sleep well for the the first time in my life, I finally have the energy I need.”


    - Karen Kuykendall , ICU Nurse


Happy Woman

Chani Jacobowitz, LCSW

I was skeptical when I first started working with Doron Lazarus since sleep issues have followed me for over 20 years. Doron is wonderful to work with and my sleep cycle quickly responded to the carefully  thought out, compassionate and effective coaching that Doron provides. 

I encourage other skeptics to give Doron a try and allow your sleep to improve!  I am very grateful to Doron and I’m looking forward to many more restful nights ahead.

Image by Edward Cisneros

Sarah Tucker

I had sleeping issues for years and was so frustrated trying to find a solution to sleep well naturally. For the past year, my sleep quality was poor, and I needed sleep medication on a nightly basis. I started working with Doron Lazarus and things quickly turned around. He was a pleasure to work with and within a few weeks, I was sleeping great, no pills needed. I highly recommend him! 


Jacob Frankiel

Doron is a very thorough and focused professional. He cares about his clients and has the uncanny ability to assess their needs quickly and accurately. Additionally he moves promptly from analysis to action once he has a firm grip of the situation, not getting bogged down by over-intellectualization of a problem. I enjoyed working with him.

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What will your sleep expert do for you?



Customized program that delivers real results.

Unlimited follow up built into the program.

One size fits all program that might work for some people.

Short sessions with no follow up. You're on your own.

Broad range of medical and psychological tools and testing.

Narrow methodology that only looks at part of the issue.

Full team of experts to handle every situation. 

A one man show with no depth of experience.

Proven methods to get you off sleeping pills.

Spending time getting to the real root of the issue.

Collaborative plan that works best for you and your lifestyle. 

Recommending more sleeping pills to cover up the issue.

Superficial treatment options based on symptoms, not the whole person.

Rigid rules and drastic sleep plans.

You can STOP struggling with sleep.

We deliver real results.

Are you ready to wake up to energy and excitement?
It's Time to Take Back the Night

Let's set up a free consultation to gain total clarity on how to cure our sleep issues permanently and get your life back.

Do you want to start improving your sleep tonight?

Watch this free video to learn how.

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Reach out with any questions you might have.

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