"Doron brings ingenuity and thoughtfulness to how we think about sleep and how it affects our health, lives and well-being. He is changing the way we approach sleep and the need to quality restful sleep."

- Mitch Beinhaker, Business Lawyer, NYC

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"Doron is a very thorough and focused professional. He cares about his clients and has the uncanny ability to assess their needs quickly and accurately. Additionally he moves promptly from analysis to action once he has a firm grip of the situation, not getting bogged down by over-intellectualization of a problem. I enjoyed working with him."

- Jacob Frankiel, Executive Director, Chicago

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Sleep is something that is core to every human on the planet. It affects our physical, emotional and mental health in so many ways. Yet, despite the importance, its secrets are often still clouded in mystery, preventing people from getting the solid night sleep they need. 


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The effects of sleep debt on the US and world economy is a big deal. Try like a +$1 Trillion big deal... 1.2 million working days were lost related to sleep related issues, making up over 2% of the country's GDP. And an incomprehensible amount of quality work was lost as well. 



Have you ever been woken up at night, and then try to fall back asleep with no avail? Urrgggg!

You were sleeping fine until the neighbor’s dog started having a hissy fit or a robo-caller decided to call your landline at 2:30 am, and now you’re up. For good...



Our Approach


As the founder of Executive Sleep Consulting, Doron Lazarus helps professionals around the world get the sleep they need to optimize their performance, clarity and life. He focuses on insomnia, apnea, nightmares, daytime exhaustion and more.

His practice is based on 4 key principles.


Offering a revolutionary approach to sleep, Doron invests 100% in the results, money back guarantee.


Our practice incorporates the most advanced tools in sleep science, offering real time analysis.


We don't treat the symptom, we treat the whole person, mind, body and soul. Our solutions are drug free and born out of your latent sleep potential.


We don't believe in a one size fits all solution. Your sleep is as unique as you are and we spend time digging deep to get to know you and offering genuine insight.

Advanced Publications


After many requests, Doron is finally turning his decade of experience in sleep coaching to print. 

Learn his out of the box approach to helping people with their sleep issues after they tried everything else and failed. 

Uncanny anecdotes combined with data driven results, this new book will change the way that we view sleep and health.

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"A blueprint for the fostering of mindfulness, inner peace... relishing the joy of the moment instead of dwelling on the past or worrying about the future... this is a book that addressed profoundly important issues, issues with which every sensitive being must grapple."

- Dr. Yitzchak Breitowitz, Former Professor of Law


Yes Doron, I Want To Have an Amazing Night's Sleep 

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