Do you just wish that you could fall asleep and stay asleep like everyone else around you?

You lie in bed every night just hoping, wishing, praying that you will fall asleep. But rest does not come. Maybe not for hours. Maybe not the entire night.

You’ve been trying EVERYTHING for weeks, months, or even years, and you don’t know if it’s even possible for you to sleep.

You’re not able to be the person you always dreamed of.

You’re not enjoying your marriage.

You’re not performing properly at work.

You’re not feeling the way you want to.

This is not how it was supposed to be.

If this is your experience, I know exactly what you are going through.

My name is Doron Lazarus

and I'm an insomnia sleep coach for exhausted professionals.

I was never a great sleeper. As a kid I was always sensitive to light and sound and it took me a long time to fall asleep. Getting enough sleep in college was rough with all the excitement, crazy schedules, but I pulled through it. 

It wasn't until I was married, in graduate school that my sleep went from bad to worse. I'm not sure what is was the kicked it off exactly. Some stress or concern that kept me up one night. But I couldn't sleep for the life of me. I tossed, I turned, I counted sheep, and I was still wide awake. 

That's when I remembered the stash of sleeping pills that I had from the last time I traveled internationally to help with jet-lag. I popped a pill, tossed a little more and went into that deep chemical sleep that if you've ever taken a sleeping pill, know exactly what I'm talking about. 

Perfect. Mission accomplished. 

But the next night, the exact same thing happened. Toss. Pop. Sleep. 

But I was getting a little worried, how long would I need these sleeping pills? When would I get back to sleeping normally?

That became the new thought that accompanied me to bed now every night. I don't remember why I initially couldn't sleep, but now I had a much bigger problem on my hand.

I was addicted to sleeping pills and my supply was running out. And what would happen when it did? The harder I tried to fall asleep the less it was forthcoming. I followed the advice of well meaning friends and mentors but nothing worked. 

I held things together, but I was petrified. 

I had never broken a bone, never had a cavity, and I certainly didn't go crawling to doctors begging to get my next dose of meds. Until now. 

I called up my kids GP, he's the only doctor I knew in the area. I made an appointment to see if he would prescribe me more of those potent sleeping pills which my life depended on. 

I walked in and he told me to "just relax and fall asleep". 

I felt like punching him right in the face.

He reluctantly gave me a script for 2 more weeks of sleeping pills and told me to go an see a psychologist. 

Me? Go see a psychologist? Was I crazy? Was this what my life had become? 

I remember sitting in the waiting room at the psychologist's office. What if someone saw me, this was so embarrassing!

He gave me some mediocre advice, charged me a lot of money, and I still couldn't sleep. 

Rinse and repeat, I still couldn't still sleep.

I tried another psychologist. Better advice. Lots of money. Still couldn't sleep.

OMG. What type of serious case of insomnia did I contract? And as I read online, it is an incurable disease. 

I literally felt my life was over.

I was so tired and frustrated. I couldn't even think straight. This had just become one big nightmare and I desperately wished it would just go away. 

My new supply of sleeping pills was now all but dwindled. I was running out of time and solutions. 

I remember taking the day off of grad school and just sitting on my couch and thinking. 

There has to be a better way than this. I had overcome every challenge in my life up until now and I mustered up the strength to get through this too. 

So I started researching. I read blogs and books and articles. I brought in my background in psycho-biology from UCLA and my love of mindfulness, (which I wrote a book about soon after)...

And then I had to make sense of it all – because most of them were as clueless as me, and most of the advice contradicted something that someone else said.

So I pieced it together, and made my own sleep plan, which we had to revise and revamp and totally make up as we went along. Because, really, we were still kinda clueless.

Now, looking back, there was a lot I could have done differently to make it easier on myself.

But I did it. It worked.

I fell asleep without sleeping pills. And that was huge for me. I was so much happier.

And within a few months, I had trained myself to fall asleep within seconds of hitting the pillow. No pills. No gadgets. Just a great night sleep every night. 

This was one of the greatest breakthroughs of my life.

It was soon after that, that I realized I wanted to help others who struggle to get the sleep they need and take back the night.

So I did.

I became trained in the Effortless Sleep Method and began helping people just like me, around the world, help get the rest they need to live life to its fullest.

If you want to be able to fall asleep at a moment's notice, any night of the week, this is the story of my life.

And you can do it too.


To wake up refreshed and energized to tackle the day.


You ready to get started?


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