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FREE Online Consultation with Executive Sleep Consulting


How to Transform Your Sleep Without Medication or Devices

Speak to a Leading Sleep Expert on How To...

✅ How to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep the whole night without the need of medication. 

✅ How to cure apnea and snoring without the need of being hooked up to another device.

✅ How to cure chronic exhaustion, nightmares, and much more. 

"If I missed my sleeping pills, I would be up all night, the doctor wanted to put me on stronger meds, but I refused, I reached out to Executive Sleep Consulting, starting the program, literally overnight, I was off the pills and haven’t needed them since.”

 - Brian Brager , Finance CEO

"I was a terrible snorer, you can ask my wife! I had surgeries, sleep studies, nothing helped. I started working with Executive Sleep Consulting, within a week my snoring went way down!”

 - Mitch Beinhaker , Lawyer / Podcast host

“I was suffering for insomnia for years, no medication was working… then I met Doron Lazarus at Executive Sleep, he has been a lifesaver, literally a MIRACLE WORKER, I’m no longer an insomniac, I can sleep well for the the first time in my life, I finally have the energy I need.”


    - Karen Kuykendall , ICU Nurse

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