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Falling Off Her Feet: One Nurse's Recovery From Insomnia

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Being a nurse is no easy job, especially nowadays.

Meet Karen. She is my hero.

Karen is an ICU nurse in her rural Canadian community. She regularly puts in 12 - 16 hour shifts on on the front lines of healthcare where patients need her most.

When there is a fire in the vicinity, Karen accompanies the emergency fire department, constantly monitoring the vitals of fireman battling a blaze, clearing them to return into a burning building. 

When the Covid-19 crisis hit Canada, she was called in to action and overtime, putting her own life at risk to help save others. She had to move into a hotel in order to minimize exposure of her own family. 

When the nursing home near by couldn't adequately staff their facility amidst the epidemic, Karen was called in to man the shortage, day and night. 

Like I said, she's my hero. 

There is only one problem. Karen couldn't sleep.

That's right. She's on her feet for 12 hours at a time in the most stressful and crucial environments and seriously sleep deprived. 

She struggled with sleep for years. After a while, she simply couldn't take it anymore. The endless cups of coffee at work weren't helping her cope with the exhaustion. 

She went to her GP. He put her on 50 mg of Trazadone, a serious anti-depressant medication that's used to treat insomnia as well. 

It worked, for a while. But the sleep she got was still short lived, groggy, and poor quality. 

Sometimes she even had to double up on Melatonin just get a few hours of rest, before her next nursing shift began. 

But, as often the case, the sleeping pills were loosing effectiveness and Karen was losing energy. She joined a Facebook group for insomniacs, desperate for answers. 

That's where I met her. We spoke and began a process that turned everything around.

I did a full evaluation and realized she would be a perfect fit for our Total Sleep Transformation package. She diligently proceeded with the program. 

The results weren't instantaneous. The first few nights were rough. 

But, as with all of my clients, I was in touch with her everyday, making sure everything was going to plan, especially during rough periods of back to back night shifts and job changes. 

It took until week 3 for her to have her transformation. I was so fortunate to be part of it. 

All of the exercises, skills, and meditations that I had taught her were finally coming together. After years of struggling with sleep, she was finally seeing the light at the end of a very dark tunnel. 

She wrote me a note and here is what it said:

"Good news, I slept amazing last night and felt so good today! I actually felt awake, refreshed and more energetic than I have in many, many years! This is awesome, you and your program rock! I’m so excited at the possibilities that I didn’t think were ever possible again. Thank you!!"

I am happy to say, the Karen is now sleeping pill free, and getting the rest she needs to maintain her health, take care of her family, and be there for her patients in every way. 

If you can relate to Karen's struggle, it's time for your own breakthrough. 

One in three Americans struggles with insomnia and this doesn't have to be the case. 

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