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What if YOU were the expert who solves
sleep problems no one else can?

You are 12 weeks away from becoming a highly qualified sleep coach, launching your own profitable online practice, and gifting your clients with the promise of health and hope.
WATCH this video to find out how.

The Sleep Coach Academy is the only program that integrates theory-to-practice sleep coaching with business fundamentals, giving you everything you need to jumpstart a successful, rewarding, and lucrative career.

Book a free, no-commitment call
with Doron Lazarus, CSSC


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 You weren’t born to twiddle your thumbs

 in some dead-end office. 

You’re smart, people-savvy, and super-driven.  

You’re intuitive, insightful, and independent. 



 You’ve got that perfect blend of right-brain creativity and left-brain logic just waiting to solve the world’s problems.

 Does a career that challenges, empowers,

and pays you (for real), even exist?

 Whether you’re working already (and wish you had new skills and better earning potential) or still browsing career sites (how many aptitude tests have you taken?), one thing’s for sure — you’re too good to settle for anything less than a career that will do you, your brain, and your talents justice. 

You’re a career-hunting grad or a budding scholar

 ready to turn your natural talent and drive into a sustainable and satisfying career


and you have a hunch OT or Accounting will bore you to death

You’re a lover of all things health and wellness

 with heart and passion as big as Texas, ready for the skills and business smarts to take you to next level


because you know you can’t win clients on good intentions alone.

You’re a 9-5er

 sick of the income ceiling, your boss, and his lack of vision. You’re ready to make big money,



but there’s no room in the budget for 4-year college and accompanying debt

Get ready for more. 


More income. More satisfaction. 

More independence. More potential for growth. 

Introducing the Sleep Coach Academy.


The only sleep coaching + business course designed for forward-thinkers who want to launch successful, rewarding, and profitable practices. 

 “Fascinating and intriguing course with the potential to help so many people. I’m really enjoying the literature and the modules. Super informative and clear. ”


- Chana Margulies

Why become a sleep coach?


Meaningful Work

 As a sleep coach, you’ll be helping your clients on a real, transformative journey, giving them back their life and health. It’s incredibly satisfying to help alleviate suffering and effectuate long-lasting healing.



Strong Niche

 High demand, low competition. Very few people — including doctors, therapists, and even other sleep coaches — can genuinely help any client who walks through their door. With the tools you’ll receive at SCA, you’ll be able to handle the toughest cases and then some. 

High Pain Point

 Those suffering from insomnia and other debilitating sleeping conditions need a solution — and they need it fast. Your clients will know exactly what you do and will be queuing up for fast and lasting relief. 



3 Month Training

 Learning a new skill set shouldn’t take years and money you don’t have. SCA’s program isn’t busywork with hundreds of hoops to jump through until graduation day. Our goal is to get you working and successful as quickly as possible. Graduate-level skills without graduate-level stress. 


All Yours

 Once you’ve trained, you want to know your skills can’t be outsourced to the East or replaced by AI. Worried about the recession? People still need to sleep, so we can safely guarantee your skills will always be in demand. Sleep coaching is as human as it gets. 

High Profit

 A pure cash business with no insurance and low overhead, there isn’t a lot to weigh a sleep coach’s business down. A practice without a brick-and-mortar office, billing, or huge staff translates into minimum overhead and maximum profit.


  Sounds inviting? 


It’s more than inviting.


It may just be the very thing your future has been looking for.

Sleep coaching is the no-brainer career for

those who want to be in demand, not in debt. 

Want to hear more in person?

 Be the hero they’ll heap blessings on. Again. And again.

“I slept for the first night in 2 years!”


-Miriam Tenenbaum, New York

“If I missed my sleeping pills, I would be up all night. The doctor wanted to put me on stronger meds. One session with my sleep coach and,  literally overnight, I was off the pills. Haven’t

needed them since.”


- Brian Brager, Finance CEO, New Jersey

“I never thought the day would come when I can say I don't fear sleep anymore. Ever since I've been healed from my insomnia, I've been a happy, relieved, energetic mother of four. Sleep has once again become so natural to me.”


-Hindy Lane

“I’m no longer an insomniac, I can sleep well for the first time in my life, and I finally have the energy I need. My sleep coach was literally a MIRACLE WORKER.”


- Karen Kuykendall, ICU Nurse

     ”I am eternally grateful to my sleep coach for the tools he taught me, for his belief in me, and after  so many years enabling me the newfound ability to find that precious ‘key’ to switch my brain on ‘sleep mode’. Even more powerfully, he opened up a window for me to emotional healing that I will be able to self-utilize even once I have finished the program.”


-Leah Cohen, LCSW, London

Doron, I have no words to thank you, for your time and patience. You  were literally a lifesaver.  My life, days and nights are now so so good and fulfilling. I have no words to thank you.


Miriam B, Zurich Switzerland

So what will I get in the Sleep Coach Academy?


  SEVEN content-packed modules on sleep healing medicine,  modalities, and mindsets, taking you from job-slogger to lifesaver aka Certified Integrative Sleep Coach.


 COMPREHENSIVE RESOURCE PACKET includes informative cheatsheets + insightful literature + ALL the resources you need for setting up your own sleep coaching practice.


  THREE high-impact modules on business strategy and setup must-knows for running a successful 6-figure online business in this lifetime.


ONE-ON-ONE strategy call with sleep expert Doron Lazarus that will give you I-can-do-this! clarity and confidence as you step into your new role.


WEEKLY group coaching calls with Doron Lazarus to answer any sleep/business q’s, get live walkthroughs of his process, and tackle challenging cases.


EXCLUSIVE  ACCESS to a supportive community forum of experienced sleep coaches ready to support your journey, untangle your conundrums and celebrate your wins.

LIFETIME ACCESS to all recordings + material so you can review trainings at your own time and pace.

   It’s not for nothing that Sleep Coach Academy is called 


“the only online advanced training course that gives you a rock-solid entry point into a new, in-demand career in just 12 weeks.”

  “What’s inside those modules?”

Module 1: Intro to Sleep Coaching 

What does it take to be a star sleep coach? The winning mindsets you need to  succeed in your own practice.

Module 2: Sleep Basics

What is sleep and what prevents it? Learn its building blocks and obstacles. 


Module 3: Insomnia

What causes sleeplessness and how to cure it? The major modalities in curing insomnia from the ground up.

Module 4: Sleep and the Subconscious 

Learn how to use holistic hypnosis to treat obstructions to sleep. 

Module 5: Apnea and Snoring 

Treat and transform the lives of apnea and snoring sufferers using natural approaches.

Module 6: Functional Medicine Toolkit

What is functional medicine, how does it work, and how do sleep coaches use it to treat a wide range of sleep and health issues?

Module 7: Building a Business is Easier Than You Think

Learn and implement the tools for setting up a highly efficient and profitable business quickly.  

Module 8: Market Yourself like Pro

Master the keys to driving an endless stream of desirable clients, avoiding common mistakes, and setting up your marketing campaign effortlessly. 

Module 9: Clinching Clients

Discover the secrets to sales and onboarding high-ticket clients without angst. Learn the best practices for onboarding, client management, and sales processes so they won’t stop raving. 

Module 10: Theory to Practice

Learn how to do it for real. Transition your clients successfully through the program and get them sleeping and feeling better.  

"So who's the wizard behind this Oz?" 

Headshot 1 - Clear Background.png

Hi there. I’m Doron Lazarus, BSc, CSSC, the Founder and Chief Sleep Coach at Sleep Coach Academy and Director of Executive Sleep Consulting. 


Four years ago, I was a struggling father of six, working two jobs with no growth or income potential in sight. It didn’t matter that I had a degree in psychobiology from UCLA or that I was a motivated and talented academic. My paycheck wasn’t cutting it and I wasn’t feeling fulfilled.


There had to be a better way. 


My personal struggle and insight into insomnia led me to explore sleep coaching as a viable business. In 2020, I launched a proper sleep coaching business and went all in. Since then I’ve built a successful practice that has brought meaning to my life, healing to my clients and stability to my family. And I’ve skyrocketed my monthly income too. 


I’m sharing these insights with you because the world needs more. More movers, more shakers, more innovators. And because I believe income growth and financial stability are inalienable rights, not suggestions.  


I pride myself in helping mold every program participant not only into a great sleep coach, but an industry leader — someone who will use their talents and drive to bring hope and healing to hundreds. 



What my awesome clients say

“I was skeptical when I first started working with Doron Lazarus since sleep issues have followed me for over 20 years. Doron is wonderful to work with and my sleep cycle quickly responded to the carefully thought-out, compassionate, and effective coaching that Doron provides. So grateful to Doron!”

- Chani Jacobowitz, LCSW

"Doron Lazarus brings ingenuity and thoughtfulness to how we think about sleep and how it affects our health, lives, and well-being. He is changing the way we approach sleep and the need for quality restful sleep."

 - Mitch Beinhaker, Esq., NY

“Doron Lazarus is an individual of extraordinary caliber and integrity who sincerely cares for his clients. His techniques and therapy approach really worked for me, and after using them for a short while, I was able to fall asleep easily and stay asleep. I was struck by Mr. Lazarus’ kindness and understanding while creating a treatment plan that was tailor-made for me.”

 -Zahava Hochberg, Baltimore, Maryland

 Sleep coaches have the extraordinary power to effect lasting change. 


And you’re only 12 weeks away from

joining the club.

 Book a no-commitment consultation with

Doron Lazarus to see if the program is right for you. 

What else were you wondering about?

Q: What educational background do I need to join the Sleep Coach Academy? Do I need to know a lot of science?

 A: Absolutely none! If you’re curious, love to learn, and are passionate about helping people and making a difference in their health, you can build a thriving sleep coaching practice. 

Q: Can I do this program even though I have another job or family obligation?

A: Of course! The beauty of this program is its flexibility.

Q: How much can I expect to make as a sleep coach?

A: I teach my coaches how to make $10k within the first month, with the potential for $20-30K a month within 6 months.

 Q: Is the training limited to sleep coaching? 

A: Surprisingly not. With the principles you’ll gain at SCA, you can set up any health coaching program successfully. 

With a solid foundation, empowering mentorship, and robust skills you can have it all: the (increasingly plump) paycheck, work-life balance, and the deep satisfaction of a meaningful career. 

Is sleep coaching for me?

You find health, wellness, and the mind-body connection fascinating. 

You’re relentlessly curious, intrinsically motivated, and eager to apply your mind. 

You’re excited about learning a fun, fulfilling, dynamic skillset. 

You love the idea of being your own boss.

You care about helping others and making a difference in their lives



Checked all of the above? I’d love to meet you.

You could, of course, carry on


Wasting your talents


Drowning in debt


Burying your dreams


 Numbing your brain in some booring field.

Or you could join me at the Sleep Coach Academy, 


where you’ll gain the confidence, skills, and expertise to launch your career in one of the most in-demand, well-paying industries out there.



It’s time to take your professional success 

into your own hands. 

Have a question?

Go ahead and send us a message and we will get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for submitting!

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